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Longboard Hammond Ding-Dong

Hammond Ding-Dong is een geweldig hybride longboard, het is geschikt voor verschillende doeleinde; carven, city cruisen, down-hill en als vervoermiddel.

Dit is een freestyle-deck, de voor -en achterzijde zijn het zelfde en zo is er geen voor en/of achterkant.

Hammond Ding-Dong is a great hybrid longboard, it performs great in free style, carving, city cruising and also at any slope you may find.

It´s an amazing longboard to ride, with a bit of flex and the needed stiffness and resistance for any riders weight.

39 inches provide the needed length in order to carve tight or smooth. 9 inches width and a soft concave make Hammond Ding-Dong comfortable for any feet size.

This longboard is one of the best city cruisers you may find, being as well a free style monster.

Longboard Hammond Ding Dong riding scale.
Longboard Wheels Surf Highway Custom 70mm – Orange.
Ding-Dong trucks are mounted using drop through system, so the center of gravity in this deck is really low, increasing stability to the limits.

Sliding is fun and easy with this longboard, it´s 29 & 1/2 inches wheel base helps a lot spinning over the pavement. Surf Highway wheels do help a lot in this!

This is a freestyle deck, with nose and tail lifted in order to increase performance in tricks like manuals, nose-manuals, shovits, 360º spins and kickflips.

  • Great longboard for carving, cruising, free style & bits of free ride.
  • New shape and 8 ply construction, suitable for all rider´s weights.
  • Soft and comfortable concave.
  • Drop through system for trucks.
  • Trucks: reverse kingpin trucks provide maximum turn & stability.

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