Drop Carve 37″ Oceanspray – Longboard Complete


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Het is moeilijk om de Drop Carve van Landyachtz in slechts één categorie te plaatsen. Het is een van die planken die het allemaal doet. Door de beste elementen van alle planken smaen te voegen tot een heeft Landyachtz wel iets heel uitzonderlijk gemaakt.

It’s honestly hard to put the Drop Carve into just one category. It’s one of those boards that does it all, a Jack of all trades. By taking the best elements from boards we love and rolling them into one package we’ve created something really exceptional. We’ve given you a board that’s carvable, trickable, cruisable and can handle a little speed to boot.

The Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 is Landyachtz’s answer to a freestyle board that does a little bit of everything in between. The board is a fully symmetrical drop through board, built with a bamboo and fiberglass construction. This board has ample flex, giving you the energy return you need for pumping through the city street. The flex also provides a fun platform for dancing, and a vibration dampening construction for a smoother ride. The board is finished off with functional kicktails that lets you perfectly execute all of your favorite freestyle maneuvers. A lightweight ride that’s both about function and fun. What’s not to love? And it even comes in two different sizes, so you can find the ride that’s best suited for you. The Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 is the shorter of the two. This gives you a more nimble and lively setup for all of your day to day riding needs.



  • Length: 94cm / 37”
  • Width: 21.8cm / 8.6”
  • Wheelbase: 60.7cm / 23,9”.
  • Construction: Bamboo & fiberglass.


  • Trucks: Bear Grizzly.
  • Wheels: 63mm Hawgs 78A.
  • Bearings: Spaceballs Abec 7.

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