Escape Mini – Longboard Complete

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RIVIERA Escape Mini Drop Through – Longboard CompleteSetup:Trucks: Paris Trucks – 180mmWheelsize: Divine Street Slayers 72mmWheel Hardness: 78aBearings: Abec 5 SpeedThe “ Street Slayer” design is our latest and greatest for getting slideways through mountain corners. It’s designed for consistency, start to finish. As it wears down the lips stay nice and round, ensuring a perfect slide. The core is slightly offset, Slayers are poured in or exclusive long lasting freeride/ slide formula. Stone ground and ready to shred!Height: 72mm Duros: 78a, 82a. Overall Width: 56mm Contact Patch: 49.5mm Thane: Slayer Stone GroundRiviera uses our exclusive Super Resin Glue in every board we make. This is a specially formulated epoxy resin glue specifically designed for skateboarding. Our Super Resin Glue is lighter and stronger than traditional waterbase glue and does not break down over time while being resistant to ambient temperature change which can affect the performance of the board dramatically. This results in a board that is superior in strength, impervious to warpage, has a longer deck life, and better overall impact resistance. Our Super Resin Glue also creates a confident bond between the many different combinations of both composite and organic materials we use in our constructions. Check the number and you will know the plys!Riviera Live Flex 3 Bamboo Technology uses 4 plys of full bamboo veneers, both long grain and vertical lam, as well as 3 layers of tri-axle pre-cured fiberglass within. With a bamboo / fiberglass construction, the rebound and flex attributes offer a high performance ride with a slightly softer and more delayed response which creates a smoother and more natural and organic riding experience from turn to turn.The Paris 180mm is the all-around and perfect any terrain truck. These are able to handle anything and everything you could possibly throw at them. The 180mm hanger is the perfect go-to size for most decks and compliments all riding styles. Like all Paris Trucks, the baseplate angle is 50 degrees, which provides the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. All Paris Trucks are built with 90a Divine bushings with the exception of the Adam Colton – The Adam Colton truck comes with 86a Divine Bushings.*Truck colors on Riviera completes occasionally vary.