FreeRide Star met Fifty trucks – Longboard Complete

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Hammond Free Ride Star longboard is designed for free style and free ride and it has the needed stiffness and resistance to suit any rider´s weight.It´s 39 inches long and 10 inches wide, more than enough in order to provide maximum grip and control when sliding. The center of the deck width is 8 & 1/2 inches in order to make the deck lighter. Concave is soft, but keeps on going all the way through the 10 inches width in feet space so grip is guaranteed in any situation.Free Ride Star trucks are mounted using drop through system. Therefore, the center of gravity in this deck is really low, increasing stability to the limits.It´s 30 & 1/8 inches wheel base helps a lot when sliding and also keeping maximum control at any speed. Surf Highway wheels do help a lot in this!Lifted nose and tail make all kinds of free style tricks easy to achieve with this deck, which is resistant due to it´s nine ply construction.