Nomad Bukhal Graphic – Longboard complete

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DeckDesigned for: Waiting for the bus takes too long, bikes are too big and bulky, and walking is just too slow (or as we like to say #walkingisforsuckers). Out of these transportation failures our Flagship Push Series boards were born. Also known as the “Uber Low”, the Nomad is the most popular pusher because of its ultra low-stance, making it a breeze to kick/push/carve through your waking life.A design triumph in the push world, this double dropped drop-thru board was born and bred for crushing commutes while still being able to throw in a steezy carve or two along the way. Featuring a steady and stable pushing platform, this board offers comfort whether you’re just ripping around the corner or in it for the long haul. Its low down, large platform design makes it inherently easy for anyone of any skill level to enjoy the kick/push zen of commuter skateboarding. Whether your brand new or looking for a new brand, this is the perfect board if you’re ready to break out of the box of your daily commute.Specs:Lenght: 36.35” Width: 9″Wheelbase: 29.00” – 29.75”Construction: Maple and BambooTrucks :Paris Trucks are considered some of the most versatile and easy to ride longboard trucks on the market. The Paris design is aesthetically simple and pleasing, but also effective for carving and DH as well. The hanger has a deep and restrictive bushing seat which means it’s super stable at speed with just two barrel bushings. With double cones, or the stock cone/barrel combo it’s easy to carve, but stable enough for mild DH or freeride as well. Paris Trucks are the best option for a carving or cruising board, but also give you room to grow.Paris redesigned their top selling longboard trucks to bring us the new and improved Paris V2! These trucks feature a beefier hanger that is less prone to bending from all of the abuse you can dish out.The Paris V2s still have a very open, unrestrictive bushing seat that works well for those who enjoy a very carvy, surfy feeling setup. Paris also improved the design by throwing in more durable pivot cups and adding a little extra length to the kingpin.These trucks look as great as they ride! A thick powder coat not only protects the aluminum hangers and baseplates from the elements but also creates a beautiful, glossy finish. No matter what your color preference, Paris has got you covered!As soon as you mount a set of Paris V2s to your board, you can tell these guys went the extra mile to perfect the geometry of their trucks to bring you the most refined longboard truck on the market.If you’re just starting out and aren’t exactly sure what baseplate angles will do for you, we recommend that you try out the standard 180mm Paris V2 trucks that come with a 50 degree baseplate.Wheels:The Fatty Hawgs are a classic wheel shape that lends itself to being perfect for cruising and carving. Tons of urethane depth and width to keep you sticking to the ground while commuting or cruising on even the roughest of ground, but tight enough for some slides to. This wheel is really perfect for old school cruisers.