Piper 37 – Longboard Complete


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Hammond Piper 37 – Longboard Complete

Let OP !  In tegenstelling tot de foto wordt dit board geleverd met rode trucks en blauwe wielen.

De Hammond Piper 37 is het middengebied in de carving-, woon-werk- en freestyle Piper-serie uit Hammond.

Deze Piper 37 is een geweldig hybride longboard, het presteert fantastisch tijdens hetl carven, citycruises en ook op lange afstanden.

The Hammond Piper 37 is the middle ground in the carving, commuting, and freestyle Piper series from Hammond. It is big enough to be comfortable for any rider, but starting to be a bit more medium sized.

Hammond boards are great entry level boards at a super affordable price.

Hammond Piper 37 is a great hybrid longboard, it performs great in free style, carving, city cruising and also while free riding at the steepest slopes out there.

37 inches long provide the needed length for carving. 9 inches width and a soft concave provide Hammond Piper 37 a comfortable stance for any feet size.

It´s an amazing longboard to ride, with just a bit of flex which helps providing great surf sensations.

Truck and wheel colors may vary.

  • Length: 94 cm / 37″ 
  • Width: 22.9 cm / 9″
  • Wheelbase: 73.7 cm / 29″
  • 7 ply maple
  • Wheels: 70mm

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