Stratus Standard Flex – Longboard Complete


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Landyachtz Stratus Standard Flex – Longboard Complete

De Stratus Standard Flex is het ideale board om op te dansen. 
Dit board heeft een met glasvezel versterkt deck maar blijft wel licht door de hollowtech constructie.
Ook is aan de bovenkant een deel van het griptape weggelaten zodat je niet met je voeten blijft hangen tijdens het dansen.


  • Trucks: Bear Grizzly Gen 5
  • Wheels: Fatty Hawgs 63mm
  • Bearings: Space Balls Abec 7

It’s a Dance off! Well not really, but if it was, there’d be one clear winner and that’s the light, strong and agile Stratus.  It’s a new board for us this season and we are extra stoked to offer up our flat land freestyle dancer.  Hollow tech construction makes it light as a feather (insert weight but in feathers) and as quick as cat. We’ve used pre-cured fibreglass for the top and bottom sheets adding strength.  We’ve left the centre of the board un-gripped to give you a nice smooth surface to move around on. Available in two flex patterns so you can pick your perfect partner. 

Your standing there at the high school dance and your crush comes up to you and says, “lets dance”.  That feeling you get, well that’s the same feeling you get taking the Stratus out for a song or two.



Length: 115.6 cm / 45.5”
Width: 23.5 cm / 9.25”
Wheelbase: 69.9 cm – 74.9 cm / 27.5” – 29.5”.
Construction: Hollowtech.


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