StreetSweeper II – Longboard Complete

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40 X 9.25 inch, multiple truck mount bi-directional, cambered and concave, constructed of hemp, bamboo and holes.We redesigned a few things on the Sweeper, making a great deck even better…1. Holes: now with 6 along each rail. The outer holes are twice as far away from the cut outs as the original Sweeper, making the deck more durable. The holes are larger and better beveled, giving it a boss military spec look.2. Stiffness & Camber: we increased the thickness of each of the 5 bamboo sheets by .2mm for camber retention and a slightly stiffer deck. The SSII has the same composition of 11 layers hemp and bamboo and rides like having kittens under your feet. 3. Graphic: the bottom has Holesom poems laid over the main graphic, the cross weave of hemp and vert grain of bamboo in a rich tapestry, contrasting boldness with good vibes.