Trance Leopard DT – Longboard Complete

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horizontal or on the hills, the Trance is an all-around deck begging to bewitch your every skate inspired adventure. The Trance is available in both drop-thru and topmount setups.Madrid is by far one of the most famous and regarded Longboard/Skateboard manufacturers in the word. They have been here from the very beginning and still going fantastically strong! Making fantastic boards for every possible style you could imagine. The reason they have remained so prominent in the industry is because they always push their product to the next level and never get left behind. Jerry Madrid has been shaping boards since the first person decided to put wheels on wood. This tradition of developing and improving has not changed since day one and continues today with the best riders and designers working all out to innovate and improve.SpecsLength: 99.1 cm / 39”Width: 24.4 cm / 9.625”Wheelbase: 76.5 cm / 30.1”.Construction: 8ply Maple.