Zeppelin Bamboo 32″ – Longboard Complete


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ARBOR – Zeppelin Bamboo – Longboard Complete

De Arbor Zeppelin Bamboo is een drop-through ontwerp dat is gebouwd rond Gullwing Sidewinder-trucks voor een uitzonderlijke carving-ervaring.

The Arbor Zeppelin Bamboo is A drop–through design that is built around Gullwing Sidewinder trucks for an exceptional carving experience.

Arbor Skateboards maakt al meer dan tien jaar gebruik van bamboe bij het bouwen van boarden. Bamboe is een van de sterkste, lichtste en meest duurzame bouwmaterialen op aarde.

Deze collectie biedt duurzaam geproduceerde skateboards met de unieke stijl, prestaties en duurzaamheid die alleen Bamboo biedt.


Arbor Skateboards has been using Bamboo in board construction for over a decade. Bamboo is one of the strongest, lightest, and most renewable building materials on the planet.

This Collection offers sustainably produced skateboards with the unique style, performance, and durability that only Bamboo offers.


– 7 maple plies, with our premium wood top

– Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply

– Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products

– Decks are produced using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers


Trucks: Paris 50° 180mm

– Reverse Kingpin

Wheels: Arbor Sucrose Initiative – Outlook Series

– Designed for carving and cruising the streets

– Fun for all-around town performance

– Size: 70mm

– Durometer: 78a

– Contact Patch: 36mm

– Offset: 0.0mm

– Core: Momentum – Low profile for a smoother ride

– Formula: Fusion – Performance, durability, reduced petroleum

– *Amber Formula: Thane – Slide and Slip

Bearings: ABEC 5

Risers: 1/4” Paris

Grip: Lucid Grip – clear spray-on grip made from crushed recycled glass

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